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"I've been to the Abyss. NOT a fun place." - Tasslehoff Burfoot


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Dave's Background
My Pictures
My X-Files
My Sports/Fantasy

"Of course I'm a wizard, son. I've got a tall pointy hat!" --Fizban


A Coupla X-files Links

The X-Files Fan Club
The truth is out there!
Ultimate X-Files Links Page
The truth is everywhere?
Aren't They perfect?


Great fantasy football info site: Draft Boards, Player Rankings, etc.
The Sportszone: Where I Go For All My Sports Info
CBS Sports Page: Another Site To Check Up On My Fantasy Sports
Smallworld Hockey: My Fantasy Hockey League
Med Web Page: A Huge Mud, Give it a Try
Useless Information: Very Cool page, with some interesting info actually
Clutch: The Elephant Riders Kick My Ass

Click The Glass For The Perfect Pint

I Got Annoyed And So Shall You
Ghaundar: This Is Who I Picture My Mud Character To Be
TSR: The Creators Of D & D
WWF Homepage: The Best Wrestling Around
The True King of Wrestling: Learn all about the king and his wife, the Kat
ZMud: Here's Where You Can Download A Great MUD Program
The StraightShooter: This man is a wrestling info GURU
Dragonlance: All You Need To Know About The Major Players In The Dragonlance Saga
Do You Want To Know The Day Of Your Death?: A Bit Morbid, I Know, But Aren't You Intrigued?
Fiz And Tas
SEX CALORIES?: Ever Wonder Just How Many Calories You Work Off Doing IT?

Friends and Family Type Links

Mikey P(Is It A Sorry Ass Page?)
My Uncles Page

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